Pets of the Week 9-23-2021

ALICE 96-9 FM is proud to support the needs of local pets – especially those seeking a new home. That’s why ALICE 96-9 FM has teamed up with Pets and People and Huntington Fine Jewelers to bring you closer to your new best friend. Each week we will feature different adoptable pets available through Pets and People and we strongly encourage all potential pet owners to participate.

Meet Eloise!

Eloise is a beautiful and spunky 4-year-old Russian Blue mix, with just a small patch of white on her tummy. She has a super cute little squeak for a meow and a jitterbug tail when she’s excited. She enjoys lounging on a good cat tree or in front of a large window in the sunshine. She is an independent gal who can entertain herself most of the time and she can throw her toys around the room just as well as her humans can! However, she does enjoy human playtime with feather toys, and laser pointers. When she gets excited about her toys, she makes goofy, toothy faces that you can’t help but laugh. Crinkly tunnels are another one of Eloise’s favorite toys. When it’s cuddle time, she adores ear scratches and will take as many pets as you can dish out! Eloise would do best as the only cat in the family. She has never been around dogs, but might do okay around larger dogs who she can’t boss round. She is initially shy around strangers, but once she gets to know you, you’ll have a fun little companion who will soak up all your love, and keep you well entertained!

Meet Scrappy Doo!

Scrappy Doo is an 11-week-old Shepherd mix boy who was saved from a rural shelter. The good people at that shelter asked for help to find his forever family so he is living with a P&P foster family. He has done great in the two weeks he’s been in his foster home. He has the best smile and disposition. For a puppy, he has done AMAZING with kennel training and has not had any accidents in the house! He needs an adoptive family that is ready to continue his training with love and grace and patience. He plays super great with his foster sister. In his foster home, there is a gaggle of Pomeranians next door and he is very sweet and gentle with them as well. Scrappy Doo is happy all the time and loves to play, nap, eat, and repeat. He is ready to be your very best friend, best exercise companion and the dog of your heart. His feet are not the typical large feet of a Shepherd so we guess that he will be a more medium size guy at 45-50 pounds full grown.

If you’re interested in adopting, fill out an application today.


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